miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2017

20 tips for a stress-free life

1 .- Learn to relax
Look up information
Practice daily respiration techniques
2 .- Sleep well
8 hours per day
Not late
Practice relaxing activities before sleep (reading, listening to quite music)
3.- Avoid stimulants
Coffee or similar
Tobaco and alcohol
4 .- Look for nice environment
Avoid stressing places
Try to make your environment as much relaxing as possible specially at job
5 .- Schedule it
Planning activities in advance with time to unexpected
This way avoid shocks and forgotten somes
6 .- Prioritize
Don't try to do everything
Day only has 24 hours
Learn to delegate
7.- Fix problems
Face problems, not avoid them
You will feel better when you see fix it
8 .- Make decisions
Follow a logic process
Set up the problem, look for possible solutions and choose the best one
Perfect solution doesn't exist
Don't dubt about your decisions
9 .- Never procastine
Doesn't matter problems that even exist
No overvalue change that everything go badly
10 .- Don't become complicated
Don't add new difficulties at your life
11 .- Do exercise
Practice sports regularly
Walk 30 minutes everyday helps to relax
12 .- Eat healthy
Mediterranean food
Take advantage of eat to unplug
13 .- Enjoy free time
Keep work in office
Enjoy your end weekends and  holiday
14 .- Improve social relationship
Take care of your people of your environment and let take care of yourself
15 .- Reduce the problem
Nobody is free of emotional problems
16 .- Forget public opinions
Be natural
17 .- Learn to say no
Be polite, but say no
18 .- Acept help
Lear to call and ask for help
19 .- No fear
List your fears and afford
Start with simples
20 .- Reward
Reconignize, congratulate and reward your progress
Never undervalue your milestones

This post is translation of a poster made by faes farma